While turnovers and delays are good indicators of efficiency and certainly important metrics for surgeon, patient, and staff satisfaction, they are not the operating room’s most important metrics. In order to drive optimal perioperative performance, leadership needs easy access to current, actionable, and reliable operating room utilization metrics.

Join Brooks DuBose from LeanTaaS’ iQueue for Operating Rooms implementation team as he explains where the opportunities lie and how to drill down in order to come up with actionable steps and strategies for meaningful performance improvement.

Speaker Bio:

Brooks DuBose is a Product Implementation Specialist for iQueue for Operating Rooms. In his role, Brooks leads customer implementations for the iQueue for Operating Rooms product with a focus on customer success. He has 5+ years of experience in software implementations, operations management, data analytics, and process improvement. He holds a Bachelor's degree in International Business and Management Science from the University of South Carolina.

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Brooks DuBose

Product Implementation Specialist
iQueue for Operating Rooms