At any given hospital, upwards of 80 percent of the time in the OR can be locked into long-term block ownership. If an institution wants to ensure that its block allocation is well-balanced, right-sized, and up-to-date, they need access to powerful corrective mechanisms. Most institutions today, however, rely on block utilization as the sole metric for making corrective allocation decisions.

But block utilization is a demonstrably poor metric to drive these decisions, and we can tell you why!

iQueue for Operating Rooms provides an enhanced solution with its proprietary Collectable Time methodology, through our newly-revamped Collect module. Collect helps hospital administrators unlock operating room capacity by giving them an easy way to discover block time that has been over-allocated to individual, group, or service-level block owners, and empowers them with data-driven evidence to make defensible decisions in taking this block time away from those underperforming block owners.

With our methodology, major healthcare institutions have eliminated ineffective block committee meetings and back-and-forth conversations with surgeons - hospital leaders can now act incisively and make block decisions that benefit their entire OR.

In this on-demand webinar, Utkarsh and Jessica will dive into:

  • The flaws in using block allocation as the sole metric for right-sizing block and the iQueue alternative, collectable time
  • The capabilities of the newly-designed Collect module and the ways in which it promotes decision making and collaboration
  • Our recommendations and best practices to implement a dynamic block right-sizing framework at your institution

Speaker Bio:

Utkarsh Vaidya, Group Product Manager
Utkarsh is a Product Manager for iQueue for Operating Rooms. In his role, he has overseen multiple customer implementations and has led numerous feature rollouts, including the Collect and Exchange modules. Utkarsh has a background in technology consulting and holds a BS in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is currently getting an MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Jessica Kovash, Product Implementation Manager
Jessica is a Product Implementation Manager for iQueue for Operating Rooms with over 15 years of experience in healthcare consulting and a specific emphasis in perioperative services. She has facilitated multiple complex perioperative engagements involving OR governance, access, scheduling and patient throughput and has published articles related to this work in the American Journal of Surgery. Jessica holds a BS in Business and Economics from the University of New Hampshire, and is currently getting a Master’s degree from Texas A&M University.

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Presented By:

Utkarsh Vaidya

Group Product Manager



Jessica Kovash

Product Implementation Manager
iQueue for Operating Rooms