Most infusion centers are seeing volumes fluctuate during COVID-19. Centers are being repurposed, nursing staff reassigned, cancer screenings delayed, clinic appointments postponed and treatment starts staged. Navigating through these uncertain times and getting ready for the COVID recovery phase will require careful planning and execution.

Based on discussions with infusion centers across the country we have developed a set of tools to help navigate the uncertainty in infusion centers during COVID-19 and through the recovery period.

Please join LeanTaaS Senior Director of Client Services iQueue for Infusion Centers, Ashley Joseph and Product Manager, Helen Liu for Tools for Navigating COVID-19 Uncertainty in Infusion Centers. They will discuss and demonstrate:

  • Impact of Covid-19 on infusion centers
  • Tools to plan your recovery strategy
  • Tools to manage the uncertainty that will have to come before that: Ramp up and surge periods (and possibly waves over time)

We will provide access to the recovery model tools to everyone at no charge regardless of whether or not they are customers of our iQueue for Infusion Centers product. During the course of the webinar, attendees will learn to configure the model to best match the specific parameters of their institution. 

Presented By:

Ashley Joseph

Director of Research and Development



Helen Liu

Product Management