Anyone who travels with any frequency has likely encountered an instance where the airline overbooked a flight – they sold more tickets than they had seats to fill. While it is no big deal to bump a traveler from his/her flight in exchange for a seat on a later flight and perhaps a travel voucher, the same cannot be said when your infusion chairs get overbooked!

Join iQueue for Infusion Centers Product Manager Danielle Magrogan to examine techniques to minimize overbooking without increasing the workload of schedulers. Danielle will introduce the tools and processes needed to establish an effective escalation pathway or to improve an existing one.

  • Minimize overbooking on the infusion schedule
  • Give patients and clinics better appointment times
  • Improve workload of the nurses and schedulers approving add-ons
  • Reduce friction between staff from difficult to schedule appointments

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Danielle Magrogan

Product Manager, iQueue for Infusion Centers