Is your center constantly struggling with same day add-ons, no-shows and cancellations? Juggling these unexpected occurrences is a difficult problem that many centers are constantly trying to solve. Join Chris Koh, iQueue for Infusion Centers Product Manager, and learn about the importance of breaking down add-ons, no-shows, and cancellations.

This on-demand webinar focuses on:

  • Understanding and assessing the magnitude of your add-ons, no-shows, and cancellations in conjunction with your chair utilization to identify their impact on a given day.
  • Visualizing trends in volumes over time to predict the overall impact of unexpected day-of appointments on future days.
  • Drilling down into add-on, no-show and cancellation patterns by hour, by day and by appointment duration.
  • Deciding where to add last-minute patients into the day's schedule and making changes to your long-term scheduling patterns

Presented By:



Chris Koh

Product Manager
iQueue for Infusion Centers