Days in an infusion center are notoriously chaotic; it only takes one delayed patient, one negative drug reaction, or one sick nurse, to throw the entire schedule into disarray. It’s a recurring challenge, repeated almost daily.

However, ensuring every day - today, for the next week, and for the next month - runs smoothly is a solvable problem, and the solution centers on the convergence of three foundational pillars - people, processes and technology tools.

In on-demand webinar, The Daily Huddle: Best Practices for Ensuring a Smooth Day with Regular Communications, learn the best practices that empower infusion center managers and staff with the techniques and tools to:

  • increase patient access
  • decrease wait times
  • improve staff satisfaction, and
  • reduce healthcare delivery cost

Speaker Bios:

Sofia DeMarco, Director of Product Management, LeanTaaS
Sofia DeMarco is a product leader at LeanTaaS with experience delivering data science based solutions for managing Infusion Centers and Inpatient Capacity.

Dylan Buell, Administrative Manager, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Dylan Buell manages outpatient clinic setting with 76 infusion spaces and 200 to 300 daily treatment visits.

The Daily Huddle

Presented By:

Sofia DeMarco

Director, Product Management, Oncology Products



Dylan Buell

Administrative Manager, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center