Infusion scheduling has always been a hard problem to solve. Infusion centers keep trying to use the EHR to find the solution, yet experience the same outcomes of unacceptable patient wait times, lack of available appointments, and nurses who can’t get off the floor for their breaks.

In this on-demand webinar, Brant Segura, Product Implementation Manager, iQueue for Infusion Centers will explain the operational fundamentals causing inefficiencies in infusion centers across the country and why EMRs aren’t equipped to solve them. Brant will demonstrate how iQueue for Infusion Centers is finding solutions and improving outcomes across more than 330 infusion centers in the US (including 70% of NCCNs and 55% of NCIs) and what tools you need to finally achieve success. He will share real customer experiences that describe how infusion centers are benefiting from using machine learning, mathematical algorithms and predictive analytics.

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Brant Segura

Product Implementation Manager
iQueue for Infusion Centers