iQueue for Operating Rooms is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that uses predictive analytics and data science to dig deep into the utilization patterns hidden in your hospital’s non-PHI EHR data. In this on-demand webinar, LeanTaaS President and CMO Sanjeev Agrawal will walk through iQueue for Operating Rooms, touching on key features and use cases that are transforming how OR managers and surgeons visualize and manage OR Time.

This on-demand webinar will cover how iQueue for Operating rooms works to facilitate:

  • Block Release and Request: How a tool that's like "Open Table for Open OR Time" can increase availability of open OR time for surgeons.
  • Block Policy: Why Block Utilization is not an actionable metric to create block policy; instead "Collectable Time" is far more useful.
  • Block Allocation: How perioperative leaders can allocate OR time to increase Block Utilization using smart, predictive forecasting methods.
  • Reporting and Transparency: Instead of traditional reporting that often "admires the problem", mobile and web tools push the right information to the right surgeons and administrators at the right time, increasing visibility and transparency into key metrics.

Presented By:



Sanjeev Agrawal

President and CMO