Communicating effectively is critical to ensuring your infusion center runs efficiently. However, it can be a daunting task to coordinate the differing skill sets and priorities between nursing, scheduling, pharmacy, providers, and patients. Learn how to cut through the confusion and help everyone on your team paddle in the same direction towards smoother operations.

In this on-demand webinar, Dan Hoff and Loukya Garlapati from the iQueue for Infusion Centers product team will discuss:

  • Facilitating dialogue amongst nursing and scheduling staff to better navigate the coming days and weeks of operations
  • Supporting staff with the right tools to engage patients and respond to inquiries and requests
  • Increasing the flow of information between the infusion center and affiliated pharmacies and clinics through data-driven conversations

Webinar transcript here

The Daily Huddle

Presented By:

Dan Hoff

Product Manager
iQueue for Infusion Centers



Loukya Garlapati

Product Manager
iQueue for Infusion Centers