Are you struggling to accommodate urgent patients, especially when your schedule was filled weeks ago?

Do last-minute cancellations clog your schedules with appointments that -–had you known they would be canceled – could have been used to schedule more urgent patients?

Join iQueue for Infusion Centers Product Manager Ina Huang to examine techniques that unclog your schedule and increase patient access and satisfaction. Ina will discuss:

  • Why your schedules become full sooner than you might expect
  • How far in advance you should schedule appointments to minimize the likelihood of cancellation
  • How to make better operational decisions using iQueue for Infusion Centers’ tools and data analytics to understand the upcoming demand and expected cancellations.

Speaker Bio:

Ina Huang, Product Implementation Manager, iQueue for Infusion Centers
Ina is a Product Manager for iQueue for Infusion Centers. In her role, she has led multiple customer implementations at many of the country’s leading cancer institutions and facilitated product enhancements to improve efficiency of healthcare delivery for infusion centers. Previously, Ina was focusing on stem cell and cancer research at Emory School of Medicine. Ina holds a MS degree in Bioengineering from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Emory University.

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Ina Huang

Product Implementation Manager
iQueue for Infusion Centers