Operating rooms are precious, constrained resources, and because they typically generate 40 percent or more of hospital revenue, they serve as the economic backbones of most healthcare systems. As a result, effective utilization of each OR is critical, not only for patient care and surgeon satisfaction, but also for the financial impact to the organization as well. It’s imperative for perioperative leaders to “leave no block behind.”

Effective utilization of OR capacity has been a long-standing challenge, hampered by a number of factors, including:

  • The wrong metrics to allocate capacity and measure performance
  • Outdated, mostly manual, processes to release and request OR time, and
  • Reporting that isn’t timely, reliable, or actionable

However, perioperative leaders and managers now have 21st century tools in which to manage those resources for optimal utilization. In the webinar, “How to Get the Most Out of Your Existing OR Capacity,” learn how administrators, schedulers and surgical offices:

  • Integrate new tools to transform a health system’s core processes for releasing and requesting time, block rightsizing and transparency into metrics that matter
  • Look beyond dashboards and descriptive analytics; instead utilize predictive analytics to prescribe the right actions
  • Empower a cultural shift to move beyond reported numbers and into strategies and tactics to positively impact the numbers

Speaker Bio:
Sanjeev Agrawal, president and COO Sanjeev Agrawal is the president and COO of LeanTaaS, the leading health care predictive analytics company based in Silicon Valley. Sanjeev was Google’s first Head of Product Marketing. Since then, he has led three successful startups - Aloqa (acquired by Motorola), TellMe Networks (acquired by Microsoft) and Collegefeed (acquired by AfterCollege). Sanjeev graduated Phi Beta Kappa with an EECS degree from MIT and along the way spent time at McKinsey and Cisco Systems. Sanjeev is a published author. His book, "Better Healthcare Through Math", was published by Forbes in September 2020. He has been featured on CNBC and named one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in Healthcare.

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Sanjeev Agrawal

President and CMO