Managing your infusion demand across areas effectively & efficiently can be challenging. For some, the physical spaces themselves may necessitate a logical segmentation of the patient demand. For others, the division may stem from the need to treat various disease groups or treatment types separately. In either case, a data-driven approach can help manage both the long-term and day-to-day planning effectively.

In this on-demand webinar, Bridget Roell and Leah Seligman from the iQueue for Infusion Centers product group will discuss:

  • Matching your treatment demand with the allocation of resources to create an overall plan that best fits your needs
  • Evaluating the upcoming days & weeks to determine if additional adjustments should be made to ensure a smooth flow across your infusion areas
  • Assessing the final plan to help manage same-day add-ons & last-minute changes effectively

Speaker Bios:

Bridget Roell
Bridget Roell is a Senior Product Manager for iQueue for Infusion Centers. She has worked with over 50 infusion centers across 20+ healthcare systems around the country to improve scheduling practices & operational performance. She holds a BS in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley.

Leah Seligman
Leah Seligman is a Product Manager for iQueue for Infusion Centers. She works with 10+ healthcare organizations on infusion scheduling and predictive analytics. Prior to LeanTaaS, Leah was a software engineer who worked on both ambulatory and hospital electronic health record products. She holds a BS in Operations Research and Engineering from Cornell University.

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Presented By:

Bridget Roell

Senior Product Manager
iQueue for Infusion Centers



Leah Seligman

Product Manager
iQueue for Infusion Centers