The OR is the economic backbone of a hospital and implementing innovative new technology changes can bear rich rewards. OhioHealth recently implemented iQueue - a solution that uses predictive analytics and data science to bring about 3 key efficiencies:

  • Streamline the block release and request process through an "Open Table for Open OR Time" tools on mobile and web
  • Dig deep into OR time patterns to find portions of “collectable time” that can be repurposed to do more cases and,
  • Create powerful and actionable visibility into performance metrics through mobile and web tools to push the right information to the right surgeons and administrators at the right time

In this on-demand webinar, Ashley Walsh, Director of Client Services for LeanTaaS and Alyssa Trocchio, former Manager of Operations - Surgical Services at OhioHealth will discuss:

  • What drove OhioHealth to implement these changes
  • The iQueue tools and their benefits
  • The People, Process and Change Management required to successfully get these tools adopted and implemented

The Daily Huddle

Presented By:

Ashley Walsh, MHA

Sr. Director, Client Services



Alyssa Trocchio

Client Implementation Specialist